Sunday, February 13, 2011

Character features Gabriel John Utterson related to my character

  1. courage, when he checked up on what relationship between Dr.Jekyll with Mr.Hyde example could venture on something new and challenge.
  2. honestyGabriel John Utterson on Dr.Jekyll on Dr.Jekyll property's delivery to Mr.Hyde example do all assignment that in give with extremely honest to always blessed.
  3. Gabriel John Utterson strong facing test which befell the friend namely Dr.Jekyll erstwhile him a good person have turned into one wicked onessuch as my Mr.Hyde example courageous to face test when getexamination result.
  4. Gabriel John Utterson loyal on Dr.Jekyll when Dr.Jekyll ask him write willwhich said that all property property will in alienation to Mr.Hyde my example loyal with my friends and my family although whatever happened.

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